Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boon Snack Cup Review

I Love The Boon Sippy Cup, But The Snack Cup Is A Bust. 

It is just me and the Bean this weekend which means we have been shopping.   We seem to have traveled the county helping to rebuild the economy one dollar at a time digging through the clearance racks for deals and steals. 

On our journey, I came across the Boon Snack ball for $2.  STEAL! I swiped it form the display (ok honestly I swiped three but in a moment of clarity, I approached the register with only one).  I have made it no secret that I love the Boon Sippy cup.  In fact, the Boon sippy cup is something that seems to always be in my online shopping cart.

In addition to the Boon sippy cup, I just purchased the bendable Boon baby silverware which I love and want in every color. You would have thought the Boon snack cup was a win-win.   Here is what I actually think. 

I got the snack cup home and punched it out of its packaging to give it a quick wash before I stuffed it with cheerios.  It is the same color combination as the original Boon sippy cup so I love the way it looks and I love the way it splits in two for easy cleaning.  The first problem is actually what I love the most; it is shaped like a ball.  

While it looks like the perfect container for a toddler snack when I handed it to the Bean she took it in her hands, realized it was a ball and threw it. The ball hit the wall and the lid popped open and cheerios exploded.  Can’t blame Bean for doing what I have been teaching her to do with a ball for months so I picked up the cheerios and started again.  I filled the ball, showed her how to open the lid and handed it back to her.  This time she opened the lid, poured the cheerios out, closed the lid and threw the ball.  

Again there is no way for me to fault her in her thinking.  If she prefers to use a ball as a ball and not a container for a toddler snack, well it kinda makes sense.  It looks like for $2, I bought her an extra ball for her toy box.  I love the styling and colors of the Boon products and as much as I wanted to love the Boon snack ball, I am afraid that it is not a winner in our house.  

We are returning to the “spill proof” snack cups, luckily it was a good sale and Bean loves rolling it across the kitchen floor.  It may not be our favorite container for toddler snacks but I suppose it is not a total bust.

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