Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Crafty Mom Finds Her Stride...All It Took Was A Deliciously Selfish Break

I love being a crafty mom! I seriously LOVE it and as an Interior Designer,  I love when I can combine the two things and make something for the house for cheap,  cheap,  cheap.

Well the other weekend,  while my husband was out of town,  I came across a project on one of my favorite design blogs Parlour Home .  She had made a light that left me breathless and dying to try it!  The problem was that I had a ton of other stuff to get done.  For one thing I had promised myself I was actually going to clean and I had freelance work backing up and I was supposed to be finishing clocks for my upcoming spot in a local art show.

After going back to her blog and drooling over the pictures,  I knew it was not happening and I took the Bean out to collect my supplies. This was the easiest (if not the most time consuming project) I have taken on and I am drooling at the effect so I thought I would share it with you all.

First, I went to Pier One and grabbed a paper lantern for under $10.  Second I bought a box store out of their small coffee filters and then home I went.  That night when I put Bean to bed,  I did not clear the dishes from the sink,  I did not even look at my laptop and I certainly did not work on my clocks.

I poured myself a large glass of wine,  rented the kind of cheesy romantic comedy that would surely have my husband groaning and I got to work. Now I wish I could say I finished that night but alas three long nights later I was just approaching the end,  still the result has my inner crafty mom beaming with pride as I dream up my second attempt. (I wonder if you can dye coffee filters?)

My materials and Personal Assistant- Murphy

Day 1- Seriously that was an entire romantic comedy and an episode and a half of Project Runway

Day 2 - My finger has a burn blister but it is taking shape and I am giddy with anticipation

Day 3 - and I ran out of coffee filters...DOLT!


Installed!  And I wish I knew why this picture will not load correctly!
Let There Be Light!

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  1. I dyed mine with pink tea abd it turned out awesome very shabby chic for my baby's room. Turned out beautiful. I wish I didn't over lap mine so close bc I can barely see the light


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