Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's A Bottle In The Diaper Bag...Am I A Bad Mom Or Lazy Mom?

We have weaned the Bean off of every bottle except for that last bedtime bottle.  My goal was to say goodbye to that bottle before vacation this weekend,  but due to the appearance of the last two eye teeth derailing our routine a bit,  we will returning to that plan when we return home.

 I am not trying to be lazy but well maybe I am lazy...I just do not plan on weaning the Bean from her bedtime routine while we are on vacation.  I don't think anyone would want to start that battle on vacation and so I am not too worried about it.  The problem is that now that we are down to one bottle a day,  Bean is more attached to her bottle than ever,  and I think it may be my fault.

If confessions must be made,  than I fear I have to confess to giving in to her cries for a "BaBa" over the past few weeks.  I justified it by telling myself that teething was making her miserable and that if a baba made her fell better then a baba she would get.

 Lets be honest,  I would have lassoed the moon if  thought it would have helped my little Bean feel better.  Fast forward to present and the teeth are no longer in a state of mutiny but my little Bean now wants her bottle more than ever.  Today I watched her hang from the refrigerator handle crying mournfully for her bottle and sinking to the floor in an angry toddler tantrum when I handed her a sippy cup instead.

While I stood my ground today,  yesterday,  I reached into my diaper bag and pulled out a bottle and filled it with water to delay a supermarket toddler tantrum.  Since I know consistency is key, I see where I am going wrong but in a moment of panic, I gave in.  I did not want to watch a toddler tantrum erupt fully.  I wanted to get my coffee and paper towels and make it to the car where she could be distracted. Of course, this would not have even been an option if a bottle was not placed in the diaper bag, moments before I left the house.

You see, I planned this inconsistency,  I knew I was taking a sleepy baby to the grocery.  I knew I was pushing my luck and I planned an escape hatch and today,  I am paying for my actions, with a whining toddler tantrum begging for what I have led her to believe she can have.

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  1. I thought the "bottle" was going to be for you. A little stronger than water or formula. It's been a while since I had a knee-baby, but what's the rush? She'll give it up when the sippy cup is more interesting. I thought my boy would walk up to get his college diploma with his blanket, but he gave it up when he was ready. Less fuss.


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