Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toddler Communication...Baby Said What??

Bean has hit a stride (or a lull depending) how you look at it with her toddler communication.  While new words have not been flying out of her mouth she is babbling constantly.  It is the way that she babbles that is cracking me up lately.

 If I did not know better I would simply swear she was bilingual and speaking babyese fluently.  She gets going while holding a toy phone to her ear (which is actually a wooden puzzle piece) and the way she talks in streams with pauses and inflection really makes her toddler communication a close mimic to the way adult dialogue sounds.

 Still I listen closely and when she is off and running in a linguistic marathon,  it is rare that I hear one of her "words" thrown into the mix.  I know that toddler communication is a learning process and I know that all children learn speech at their own pace so I am not worried,  more like amusingly confused.

The other day I watched as Bean crawled into her mini Dora chair with a book.  She curled up and opened the front cover and began to "read" with fury.  I watched for a while as she read aloud to herself from my perch at the computer and then I slid onto the floor in an attempt to capture it on film.

 Like always,  once I moved, the action slowed but I did get a snippet of this first reading experience and I cannot wait to show it to her one day far in the future. I am sure one day when the toddler babbling is long forgotten, as we hotly debate a curfew or broken rule,  the memory of her toddler babbling will bring a nostalgic tear to my eye.  For now,  I am content with "mommy,  cookie please" as long as she is content with the fact that what she believes is a cookie is really a whole grain cereal bar.

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  1. How cute! They do that. It's funny isn't it how they get the pauses and inflections perfect without real words?


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