Monday, September 26, 2011

A Trip To The Local Fair Becomes A Favorite Toddler Activity

Last week was a whirlwind of activity as I disappeared into life with my Bean and so I am back to fill you in on the Bean and I's adventures.  I am always looking for new toddler activities and with the first hints of fall in the air,  the local fair season is upon us.

 For the next few weeks there is a local fair within a twenty minute drive almost every single night and with my love of all things fair food,  I am in heaven.  My husband and I took our Bean to the fair last year,  she was barely three months old and she slept soundly,  as we wondered the fairgrounds sampling fried foods and malted milkshakes.

 This year is a bit different.  For one thing the Bean loves animals so our first stop is not the cheeseburger stand,  it is the live stock barns.  We entered the barns and the Bean pointed to each pen,  one at a time; "dat, dat, dat".  As we approached each pen,  she would look at each goat individually and with her sweetest prom queen wave would say "HI" before looking to the next goat with a personal greeting.

We lingered past the rabbits and pigs as the bean said her hellos and as her bedtime came and went we finally made it t the food stands.  We were equipped with bananas and yogurt but the Bean was in her glory tasting her first corn dog (which she liked for about three bites), french fries and ice cream sundae. She went to bed like an angel after a night of her new favorite toddler activity.

Apparently a walk through rows of farm animals and french fries are all it takes to make my toddler smile. Oh who am I kidding that is usually all it takes to make me smile and the fact that it doubles as an exciting toddler activity is just an added bonus!

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