Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafty Mom Strikes Again

I spent the past weekend being lazy with my family and it was fantastic.  I got nothing done with the exception of crafty dreaming.  In fact, I was in crafty blog heaven and so this morning, I was ready to get started.  As a crafty mom, I have a ton of projects half started so I was determined to get them off of the kitchen table once and for all.  I had one final step on the Bean’s wings for her Halloween costume and I must say I am thrilled with them and will do a whole tutorial later. What really got me excited this weekend was the idea of a pouf, I imagined Bean sitting and playing on it.  I have seen them everywhere and I have come across tutorials but it was the tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts that tugged at the heartstrings of this thrifty mom.  You see I have a “teeny” reputation for starting crafts and not finishing so the idea of starting yet another project with less than a five dollar investment did not seem so bad.  While I am a self-declared crafty mom, I am a lazy crafter and I constantly take shortcuts (which inevitably make my projects take longer).  After a morning of errands, the Bean went down for what turned out to be a loonnggg nap and I whirled around the house at warp speed crafting up a storm and by the time she awoke, her Halloween costume was complete,  I had started AND Finished my pouf,  and I had rehabbed a pair of lamps that I pulled out of the neighbors trash.  I hope to get a little DIY tutorial for all of these projects up soon.  I hope to be as adventurous and productive tomorrow and I have my heart set on homemade applesauce.  Of course, with a one year old calling the shots,  we never know what tomorrow holds. 
The Finished Wings

Dress Rehearsal With The Wings
Yea, you try putting wings on a one year old and getting them to stand still for a picture :-)
The Finished Pouf (all for $4)!!

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