Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lifting the Moratorium on Eating Out With Kids

The last time my hubby and I headed to a restaurant with the Bean, it ended in takeout boxes of cold uneaten food being stuffed into the refrigerator in frustration. We placed eating out with kids on an official moratorium. Granted, the Bean was not to blame. We went about it all wrong. We left for the restaurant on the spur of the moment, too close to bedtime. We settled into a two person booth and we ordered so many courses you would have thought it was our first experience eating out. It was a recipe for disaster.

This week at our library’s Toddler Time, I came across an announcement for a fundraiser occurring that night at a local restaurant. I called the husband and smiled inwardly at the thought of not cooking and then I began to plan. I packed the diaper bag like we may never return. I packed for every restaurant emergency I could envision; books, toys and even the Ipad to ensure an unending supply of fun toddler activities. I packed snacks and drinks, in case the food at the restaurant did not wind up interesting the Bean. I packed extra diapers a change of clothes and by the time I was finished I had a twenty pound diaper bag.

It was magical. I could not have wished for a sweeter smelling experience. The Bean colored happily on her kids menu and I did not even have to zip open the bag to pull out the emergency stash of fun toddler activities. The Bean devoured the restaurant offering of Kraft Mac and Cheese. (In fact, kudos to the restaurant for knowing that Kraft is the way to go, kiddies are simply not interested in the fourteen cheese macaroni…just supply the Kraft!). We ate leisurely, we did not rush, we actually had a conversation filled with complete sentences and when the included kid sundae appeared the Bean looked as if she had just won front row seats to The Wiggles.

All in all, we have made it over the hump. The Bean sat in her booster and did not whine to be in our laps, she was polite and wooed the server with her Thank-You blown

kisses and when we left we smiled realizing the moratorium had been lifted.

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  1. Well, thank goodness for that, right? Glad your latest restaurant experience was better for you. It's nice to go out to eat every now and then. Following you via GFC now!


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