Thursday, October 20, 2011

Parenting A Sick Toddler With All The Cookies And Hugs She Wants

Last night, the Bean spiked a fever over 103 and after having a slight panic attack, I gave her infant Tylenol and her fever began to drop right away.  Since there is nothing about a sick toddler that does not make me uneasy, I still snuck into her room in the middle of the night to check her fever.  Her fever did not return until morning, when it came back with a vengeance at almost 104.  (Cue-second panic attack)  An hour later, her fever was down (thanks to my friend-infant Tylenol) and we were sitting in the doctor’s office.  It seems that my Bean picked up a virus.  It is virus, with no other symptoms,  except a fever that lasts up to three days and must be managed by infant Tylenol.  I should be happy but I am annoyed.  I wanted to go to the doctor and get the diagnosis and the cure, instantly! I want my sick toddler to be back to her happy-go-lucky self and instead I have to wait it out, battling a reoccurring fever every step of the way.   This morning, when the Bean looked up at me and asked for a bottle (despite not drinking a morning bottle any longer), she got it.  When she asked for a cookie, she got it.  We sat snuggled together on the sofa watch Sesame Street for breakfast because I did not have the heart to put her in her high chair. Perhaps the cookie and the breakfast on the sofa have no effect on how she feels but the extra indulgence certainly made me feel a little better.  I see a lot of snuggling in my future this afternoon and not many “no’s”.  As long as I have a sick toddler that wants to be held and snuggled, well,  I have no reason to argue,  even if she does want nothing but cookies for a day or two. 

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