Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Returning from an unforgettable Family vacation

Saturday night, our family pulled into our driveway after a week long family vacation.  It was an unforgettable time for many reasons but for me it was unforgettable because I was unplugged! 

You see there is no (well barely any) cell phone reception, the wi-fi is only good in the house and once I step outside there is no 3g to be had.  While this may not sound perfect to some, it was amazing for me.  You see for a family vacation to be perfect, it has to be about family.

I am a blogging, Facebook updating, twittering mom and can always be found with some electronic device in my hand.  This week, while I still had my phone in my hand, I was taking pictures with it.  I also built sand castles and went for walks in the surf.  I read a book, in fact, I almost read two.  I took a nap on the beach and I sat back and talked to friends with the sun warming our skin and our phones put away.

I had full conversations, where not one person lifted a phone to check a score or send a text message and it was divine.  I have spent three days wondering how to put my experience to words.  I have spent three days juggling electronic devices trying to catch up on emails and writing but I would not give that week back for anything. 

Of all the family vacation getaways, our trip to the 4x4 beaches of the northern Outer  Banks are the most amazing family vacation deal I have ever experienced.  In fact with all the amazing family summer vacations ideas out there, it will take a lot to get me to ever give this one up!  I mean after all, there are not many places left where you can completely escape from even your own smart phone!

Yes,  this is my Bean napping under that blanket,  while I read and our friends,
 the wild horses hang out behind us

 Jockey Ridge State Park...someone loves the sand!
 My little beach hobo

 Hanging with the big kids
 Our first sunrise (well the first one that we BOTH wanted to be up for!)
 morning snuggles
getting sleepy as we say goodbye


  1. Good for you! Beautiful pics. We're on vacay right now, but I'm logging in a bit each day...but just when we're back in our hotel room regrouping ;)

  2. Congratulations on a blissfully unplugged vacation! Lovely pics. :-)

  3. I love that unplugged feeling! We try to get away like that at least once a year and it feels fantastic! Love the pics! Welcome back1 :-)

  4. Great pictures. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!


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