Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starting Off Our Halloween Celebration with a Homemade Toddler Halloween Costume

As a child, there was no such thing as a Halloween Celebration, we did not believe in ghosts and costumes and so we simply ignored the store displays and skipped trick or treating.

Once I went to college, I jumped in to the idea of a Halloween celebration with both feet.  I still don’t know if I believe in ghosts (ok I do but I have no firm experience with them) but any excuse to indulge in candy and costumes is a holiday worth celebrating in my book! 

With that in mind, I have decided to take a pass at a homemade toddler Halloween costume this year.  Ambitious? Perhaps but I really want a unique Toddler Halloween Costume and I have been lusting over more than one that I have found on line. 

After an hour (that felt like three since the Bean was in the cart) of perusing the craft store aisles, I pushed a cart full of felt to the cashier and headed home.  The playroom now looks like an actual bomb went off with scraps of materials spread across almost every surface but I am determined. 

I also know that my first choice costume can still arrive in time if I order by the 23rd of October so that is my deadline to be finished.

 I know too well how many of my well intentioned projects are laid to rest, unfinished in a pile in the basement and so my back-up plan is in place.  While we may not map out every neighborhoods trick or treating days just yet, I am hopeful that my attempt at this years homemade toddler Halloween costume will make our Halloween celebration unforgettable.

Of course, whether she is in a homemade toddler Halloween costume or the store bought back-up, I think this year may just be the start to a simply amazing holiday season!

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