Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three For Thursday - A Lighthearted Glimpse Into My Mamalicious Journey

A fellow blogger has finally convinced me to play along with her blogger games. She has set up Three for Thursday over at Hanging by A Silver Lining, it is a fun blog meant to be nothing more than playful and while I have loved following her, I have never joined in until now. I mean, who am I kidding, I love these games. PS. My Three For Thursday was technically written late night on Wednesday. What? It’s my first time…cut me some slack.

Three objects to my left:
  • My Iphone (I get shaky if it leaves my site…ADDICTED)
  • A 20lb yellow cat that is soo happy to be getting some much deserved snuggling now that the Bean is in Bed
  • A COLD beer- I am watching college football with the hubs
Three songs I can’t get out of my head:
  • Da Na Na Na, Da Na Na Na…Elmo’s World
  • Wiggle and Learn…dance to the rhythm of music
  • If I had a third song that could get the first two out of my head I would be forever grateful…but alas, I am at a loss!
Three favorite Halloween movies (or songs):
           Ok technically, Halloween is a rather newly celebrated holiday for me…I didn’t see my first horror movie until college (unless you count about thirty minutes of pet cemetery at a slumber party.  Halloween is all about the costumes and candy for me (I did not even know there were songs)!!

Three things I’ve learned to just let go of:
  • The small stuff… When I became a mom, my world came into focus. It was my “ahhh” moment. I realized that the most important thing is my raising my sweet baby girl and cherishing my amazing family and friends…everything else…just details.
  • Music from the 90’s…it’s my go-to genre but with the addition of (and my addiction to) a 90’s radio station, I have realized that if I do not want to be the easy listening mom in the car pool lane, then it is time for me to give today’s music another chance.
  • The Starbucks Phenomena: I want to like them, I want to be in the front seat of that bandwagon but I think Dunkin Donuts has better coffee, there I said it. 
Three reasons I could wear the Super Woman costume on Halloween:
  • That blue and white bottom would be the closest I ever came to living out my fantasy of being a 1980’s Cowboys Cheerleader
  • I have been known to rock a headband and that gold number is right up my alley
  • As a mom that is still holding on to those last few pounds…a corset is a magical thing second only to spanx and dry white wine
Three pictures:
 The large yellow cat,  he would be so ashamed at how "portly" he looks in this shot.
 Finishing the yard work before kick off
 Decorating her Pumpkin

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  1. Ahh! Looks how adorable that little one is decorating a little pumpkin! Power fist to calling out SB! And the headband...That woman knows how to accessorize doesn't she? Thanks for joining in today!!


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