Saturday, October 29, 2011

Watching As The Onset Of Winter Breaks My Toddler’s Heart

Since the Bean came into this world she has been my little outdoors loving hippie. Perhaps she takes after her mama but there is nothing like a walk in the fresh air to lift her spirits and calm her soul. As an infant, when I reached that point of exhaustion and desperation that so many new moms feel with an inconsolable infant, I would simply go outdoors and we would each calm in our own way. Our favorite toddler activities are walks, and bike rides and trips to the local playgrounds. Now she is older and she knows matter-a-factly that she loves the outdoors. The mornings start with her standing at the door as I finish my coffee pleading “out mommy”? This week, I have watched her heartbreak helplessly. It has been a messy week filled with cold fall rain and yet she stands staring out the window or door pleading to go outdoors. I have tried distractions; crayons, finger paints, books. But even nestled in my lap with her favorite books she looks up sweetly and points beyond the window asking to go outdoors. I know that I need fun toddler activities to take us through the winter. When an hour has passed and we have built a fort, played with blocks, read her favorite books and colored, while she continues to point to the outdoors between each activity, I am at a loss. I have been bundling her up and simply heading to the local mall or library or even grocery store. It has placated her desire to get out. It has made us both feel a little less cooped up and yet this morning with sleet and snow falling steadily on the other side of the glass, I see that excursions may not be an option today.

So what are some new fun toddler activities that I can try? How do I convince a one year old that the playroom is just as magical as the great outdoors, when I know, it simply cannot begin to compare?
 Watching The World Pass By
Bundled Up 

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