Friday, November 4, 2011

30 days to Hands on Play – Build A Fort

Yesterday I came across Hands on as we Grow and their 30 days to hands on play challenge.  It is a challenge designed to get you unplugged and playing with your child.  I loved the idea and loved the idea of new toddler activities to play with the Bean.  Since I jumped on the wagon a bit late, I decided to join in on the Build a fort day.  I love building forts and we have those large foam puzzle pieces that have been shoved behind the sofa ever since we got around to buying baby gates.  Yesterday, Logan had her bestie over for a play date so we drug out the puzzle pieces and we (ok I) got to work snapping the pieces together.  Once I got four snapped together for the roof, the girls ran over and jumped on the new surface and began dancing so we danced around on the pieces until they lost interest and when they stepped off, I went back to work.  I could seriously build forts all day long so after I built and rebuilt a fort into a tunnel the girls squealed with glee as they raced in and out. The fort is still standing and Bean raced right for it this morning not even asking for cartoons as I finished my coffee.  She is a bit young for some of the suggestions of the challenge, but fort building was a success.  Today it is beautiful so I am hoping for a walk through the leaves as our hands on play.  I don’t know if I will follow the 30 day challenge to the letter but I do love that I will have the challenge here to remind me to unplug and just play,  like nothing else matters because when it comes right down to it,  nothing else matters.

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  1. I love those play mats! They're perfect for a fort or tunnel! So glad you're joining us on the challenge :)


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