Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Crafty Mom Digs Through The Trash For Christmas Decoration Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner and reminders in every store I pass, I am having an increasingly difficult time not playing Christmas carols.  I do my very best to wait till after Thanksgiving but my resolve is slowly waning.   As a self described crafty mom,  I am determined to make as many gifts as I can and since I have been concentrating on crafts that are recycled in some way I thought I would share my latest crafts.  Since I am still mulling over certain gift ideas (and since some recipients are readers) I may have to hold off on showing the final gifts but I did make a few wreaths this year that turned out remarkably well considering that they were my first shot at wreaths. I am all about DIY and recycling so the newspaper wreaths have a very special part in my heart.  I hope you enjoy and as soon as I find some spare time (cough, cough) I will try to get a step by step tutorial posted because they are sooo easy!!

This is literally the Sunday News cut into strips and wrapped around a form (I used a green foam form but I recently experimented with pipe insulation from Home Depot and it worked rather well), with Newspaper and 1 red felt rosette hot glued to the form

 Better picture and this one was so quick and easy to make!
 This one was a bit more time consuming but it is all recycled newspaper rosettes !
Ok no recycled materials (unless you count leftover yarn) but this one was fun and so easy!

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  1. Oh they look amazing. What a great idea. I think I'm going to have to give them a go!


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