Friday, November 25, 2011

Cutting Down A Christmas Tree…Once you Go Fresh...

I grew up with an artificial Christmas tree, then one year in high school, I convinced my Dad to shell out a few bucks for a fresh tree cut by the boy scouts.  The smell of evergreen as I passed through the living room became intoxicating and I knew from that day on that an artificial tree would never again cross my threshold.  I even managed to pull a seven foot tree into my third floor apartment (up a spiral staircase) in college.  When I met my husband, I went one step further and found a local Christmas tree farm and together we trudged into the field and immerged an hour later with a freshly cut Christmas tree.  Since then we have continued cutting down a Christmas tree annually, as an official kick-off to our holiday season.
Cutting down a Christmas tree has become one of my most cherished Christmas traditions and this year it was one that the Bean experience for what I hope will be the first of many, many years.

 Black Friday as shoppers rushed the lines in stores across the county, we loaded into the Jeep and headed to our favorite Christmas tree farm.  When we arrived we loaded into a horse drawn wagon and headed into the fields, with the Bean waving madly to the passing horses; “Hi-Lo, Hi-Lo,  Hi-Lo”! 

We walked up and down until we found the perfect tree and the Hubby sawed it down as the Bean sat in the grass, munching on her snack of goldfish crackers.  We headed back to the farm in the wagon and walked through a Christmas wonderland with apple cider and hot chocolate as they prepared our tree and then we headed home. 

It could not have been more perfect, we have trudged through the rain, sleet and snow in years past so the unseasonably warm 65 degrees made the Bean’s first experience a breeze.  I realize that cutting down a tree each year may not be the greenest teaching in striving towards green parenting and one day I hope to buy balled trees and plant them, but we will need more property than our ¼ acre currently affords us.

 Until then, we will continue cutting down a Christmas tree, basking in the evergreen scent that permeates the house and after Christmas,  the local boy scouts will pick up our tree and recycle it into mulch which will then be spread on our local playground.  All in all, it is a win-win and an amazing start to our Christmas season.

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