Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photographing Toddlers And Being Schooled in Patience By A Very Small Human Being

With Christmas just around the corner, I am working on my Christmas cards.  I am a professional procrastinator so not surprisingly, I am running behind schedule.  However, armed with a truckload of Christmas props from my Christmas decoration bin and a gorgeous Christmas dress for the Bean, I headed over to my sisters apartment to take a shot at shooting my own Christmas card photos.

The first challenge in photographing toddlers’, is the fact that I am simply not a photographer.  I headed to this photo shoot armed with a point and click camera and a smart phone, which is all the equipment I am capable of handling.  Lucky for me, my sister lives in an amazing building with a huge ballroom on the top floor. 

We headed into the ballroom, and unleashed the Bean, handing her a variety of Christmas props and began shooting, 2 camera phones at a time.  I shot hundreds of photos, the majority of which were a blurred version of my dear Bean racing across the dark wood floors of a rather majestic room.  In the end the best pictures came towards the end of the morning when the Bean began to tire out and I learned that when photographing toddlers, it is all about the numbers because you normally get one good picture for every hundred taken.

 I did manage to get a few great shots but (much to my hubby’s chagrin) we will still be heading out to the local mall for our annual family photo, I am simply not ready to take on the group shot.

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