Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three For Thursday - Another Lighthearted Glimpse Into My Mamalicious Journey

Three things I stole from my kids’ Halloween candy stash: 
Bean has not had candy yet so to be completely honest, I stole everything except;
  • her cookie from Grammy
  • a juice box
  • her Halloween tights (they are not my size J )

Three things I buy that have to be name brand:
  • Paper towels- The generic are simply useless in my opinion
  • Diapers – I have tried the generic but they just are not as soft as my beloved Pampers Sensitive
  • Lipton Iced Tea mix…for me there is no second choice.
Three things I spend more than fifteen minutes doing every day:
  • Cleaning the kitchen…I get it clean and then it is snack time or dinner time and it is once again destroyed, it is a never ending cycle
  • Lately it has been trolling Pinterest…it is my new obsession and I am constantly trolling for new crafts, recipes, toddler activities and photo ideas…check out my boards.
  • Reading to the Bean, more than anything I want her to love reading so sometimes I have to set a timer as motivation and sometimes I read to her from my design magazines but I make certain to read to her every day
Three things that put me in a fantastic mood:
  • Swimming, running, hiking with my family, sometimes it is hard to motivate myself but I am never grumpy at the end.
  • My Bean’s completely innocent belly shaking laughter, I wish I could bottle it!
  • Sitting on the beach with my husband, Any Beach, Any Weather, Any Time 
Three things I do that a grown woman has no right to be doing anymore:
  • Sometimes when I walk past a mirror, I throw up a cheerleading fist pump and spirit fingers…don’t judge me HAHAHA
  • I take Flintstones chewable vitamins because grown-up medicine is yucky
  • Watch TV with my “woobie” I simply cannot settle in for cuddling without a cuddle blanket 

Three pictures:

 The beginnings of a future garage band

snack break

fall fun

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