Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three For Thursday - A Virtual Time Machine

It is Thursday which means Heading over to Hanging by a Silver Lining for her Three for Thursday prompts. I must admit I am beginning to look forward to these early in the week and this weeks nostalgic trip through time were no disappointment!

Three long lost hobbies:
  • Sketching
  • Writing poetry (I cannot tell you how many dusty sketch/writing journals are piled into the basement from my youth.)
  • Running (I love running, it makes me a better person and I have not run regularly in a long time…I have succumbed to laziness)
Three jobs/careers I have had:
  • Interior Designer
  • Bartender
  • Lifeguard
Three childhood dreams that came true:
  • I have that perfectly boring June Cleaver life complete with a house in the burbs, monogrammed tote bags, traditional family holidays and an AMAZING husband and baby girl, which is everything I ever dared to dream for.
  • I learned to surf (badly but it still counts)
  • I have been paid to create art (just the fact that people refer to my creations as art is actually a dream come true!) 
Three childhood dreams that didn’t come true:
  • I Planned to have a Bachelors, Masters and PHD by this time and yet the three diploma frames still sit empty
  • I never went bungee jumping and now I am afraid the fear of leaving my daughter with a broken mom will over power my desire for the thrill.
  • I did not become a marine biologist that rides dolphins 
Three toys I asked for Christmas when I was a kid:

  • I don’t remember asking for toys as a kid or even being aware of what was really available until I was older, although I did always want the navy monogrammed LLBean book bag with the reflector stripe (and I just can’t let it go). 
Three pictures: Taking a cue from Evelyn at Hanging By A Silver Lining and going with nostalgic pictures

 Me and the Hubs Hiking At Cunningham Falls
 Before Lil Miss,  these boys were our whole life! (they are still spoiled but not quite as much)
It is hard to believe she was ever this small!

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