Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three For Thursday–A Break From Holiday Planning

This morning, I realized in a moment of breathless panic that Thanksgiving is next week. I LIVE for the holidays and typically my menus is planned, my centerpieces are made and my outfit is dry cleaned (ok , technically my outfit is usually just thrown on the guest bed, but if it needed dry cleaned, it would be). After wading through recipes and cutting coupons and of course trolling Pinterest for fall crafts and décor, I cannot be more thankful for Hanging By A Silver Lining’s Three For Thanksgiving prompts.

Three things that I am grateful for from the year 2011:
Being Out Of Work - My plan to find a full time job this year went out in smoke. The truth is I was laid off from 2 more jobs in one year. However it was the best thing that could happen because I have enjoyed watching the Bean magically transition from a baby to a toddler.

I became an artist *cough*. I don’t think I will ever be able to seriously think of myself as an artist but technically, I am creating art and selling art and that is mind blowingly awesome to me.

Our local library! Seriously until the Bean was about 6 months old, I had never been there (to that branch not a library in general). It is magical and I don’t know who loves it more between the Bean and I! It has saved me money by allowing me to check out books and videos to test drive before buying them only to realize Bean did not like them.

Three things “I’d rather not”:
Have our family Christmas photo taken in a mall photo lab. It is mind numbingly awful and it takes all my energy and patience to keep my eye rolling and snarky comments to myself, but I will do it (armed with a “even you can’t mess up these shots” list) because it is cheap, and that is what matters to this thrifty mom.

Buy clothing in a thrift store, I garage sale like a fiend in the summer but that is more about the 9AM hotdog, I find deals on new stuff that is better than consignment pricing with just a little extra time!

Buy furniture in a retail store. The Mark-up is redic and the quality is just not what it once was, I would take a refinished piece from the Salvation army any day of the week!!

Three Thanksgiving plans, traditions, or memories: Al l I ever dreamed of was traditional family holidays and Thanksgiving is now just that for me and my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thursday, While This day once meant throwing in the turkey and going back to bed for a lazy morning with the hubs, I have a feeling the Bean will have plans of her own this year, but our day will include coffee and a YUMMY breakfast as we prepare the turkey and put finishing touches on the other dishes. There will be snuggling, football, family and Way too much food! It should be perfection!

Friday – My hubby, Bean and I will bundle up and head to the Christmas tree farm. We will board a horse drawn sleigh for a ride into the woods, we will trudge around forever as I search for the “perfect” tree before I finally agree to the tree hubby saw 2 minutes after getting off the wagon. We will ride back to the barn, and treat ourselves to hot apple cider.

Saturday - My extended family has their Christmas dinner during this weekend, in a fire hall, because we have outgrown all homes and it is a magical time for me and the only time of the year to see some family members.

Three sneaky things I do: I take the batteries out of certain toys, there is only so much “music” I can take in one day.

I play predominantly country music when it is just the Bean and I, hoping that she grows up to love it so that we can out vote Dad and listen to country in the car.

I pretend to be sending emails on my phone when in fact I am playing Words With Friends

Three things that I missed the boat on:
80’s music, I love it now but I did not listen to it until 2 decades later

Learning to cook, my grandmother was an amazing cook and if I would have paid attention, I may not be floundering my way through the kitchen.

Backpacking through Europe after college, I missed out on the getting pick-pocketed in hostels and meeting people from all over the world but all in all it is not too haunting of a miss

Three pictures: A Fun Toddler Activity, Bean's First Balloon
Auntie M shared a birthday balloon with Bean and she was tickled pink

 She kept looking back suspiciously at the balloon as if she didn't know it was following her because it was tied to her wrist
 She finally caught it
We walked through the park for half an hour with the balloon and when it accidentally untied we waved goodbye and blew it kisses until it disappeared from sight

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  1. I am so glad you are grateful for your local library! As a librarian, I am all too aware of how local support can make or break a library. Good for you and your family :)


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