Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrifty Mom Finds A New Source for Deals

The other day,  I spent over five hours shopping for the Bean’s Christmas dress,  I know that may not seem like much but I knew what dress,  I was getting from the very beginning.  Yes the five hours was spent hunting down the very best deal.  Would it be cheaper online, with a coupon code or if I went to the store with a coupon?  Was it cheaper at this store or that.  Every time I had my hand on my credit card, I got a new idea of how to save money.  Recently, I happened upon and I must say it is a winner in my book.  They have everything and I mean everything and they do the comparison shopping for you.  With vendors form Target to The Land Of Nod, there is truly nothing you cannot find. 

In fact, in my latest pass though,  I came across a fabulous deal on Sperry’s (which I am obsessed with),  a butterfly candle holder (For a certain secret Santa),  butterfly purses (the Bean is currently obsessed with butterflies and shopping...yup,  she's my kid alright) and celtic bedding , our bedroom is in desperate need of some oomph and I simply cannot decide what direction to take.  Anyway,  like I said,  there is something for everyone and they do the price comparisons for you so check it out,  it is more than worth your while if you are a thrifty mom like me!

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