Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crafty Mom Strikes Again With An Easy Custom Headphone Tutorial…As Promised

This Christmas season was all about crafting in our house.  We decided to make the majority of our gifts this year and after a cruise through Pinterest I fell in love with the idea of wrapped headphones.  They were on Etsy, which is a favorite site but I knew I could make these myself.  As a kid, I considered myself the queen of friendship bracelets so I figured this would be an easy notch in my crafty mom belt. It didn’t hurt that I knew I could do this in front of the TV, therefore further encouraging my lazy crafter tendencies.

It is really simply.  I headed to the craft store and picked up this box of embroidery thread for a few bucks with a coupon.

 I then bought inexpensive headphones with colored ear pieces and got to work. I taped the first headphone to a stable surface. And tied a knot, tight against the top.

 I then stared at that knot, drawing a complete blank on how to proceed.  After a quick Google search for friendship bracelets, I found a great tutorial here
 The first step is to make a figure four with your top thread.

Take your thread under the headphone cable and through the hole and pull tight. 

Repeat these steps about a million times.  As a lazy crafter, I would have probably lost interest, because headphones are much longer and therefore more time consuming than I expected. But I taped my work to a coffee table book in my lap, and turned on some trashy reality television and somewhere between the Kardashian wedding and divorce (which was about 3 hours since I DVR’d both) I finished my first pair.  After the first one, I had my technique down and flew through the rest.
I loved finding the variegated thread and think it really made them look great.  I didn’t take enough pictures of one so that is why there shots of different colors at different stages of completion.

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