Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dreaming Of A Playroom That Does Not Make Me Cringe Upon Entering

This is our playroom. 

Granted, a play date has just ended so it is not always in this state of disarray.  Oh wait, yes it is.  I am an organized mom,  but I cannot get my playroom under control.  If we are awake and playing in the playroom it is trashed.  I often feel like I simply follow the Bean around picking up toys.  With the invasion of toys from Santa, there is barely room to move.  I need new playroom ideas because something must be done. Which is why, rather than cleaning and organizing, I am procrastinating on Pinterest, looking for  playroom ideas and inspiration.  (Shameless plug- follow my boards HERE) Here are a few playrooms, I love that all seem to share one thing.  They are fun and they are organized, which is exactly what I need.

playroomPlayroomikeaPlayroom with built-in bench and storageRain Gutter Bookshelvesfun kids room!

So now all I need is a plan oh and free time,  free time would be helpful.  If you would like to check out the origins of these playroom ideas,  simply click the photos or follow me on Pinterest and check out my Kiddies Board


  1. Don't know how much playing goes on in those other rooms. At least yours looks fun!

  2. Thanks! You know, while the Interior Designer in me wants the playroom to be chic and organized, the inner child in me certainly has fun pulling all the pillows off the couch and building puzzle piece forts with the Bean


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