Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Was Once An Organized Mom, Then Santa Struck And Now All Bets Are Off

With Christmas officially behind me, there are so many emotions left lingering.  I feel spoiled and over indulgent as I look around at the generosity of friends and family and I feel as if I have lost all grips on my inner organized mom, there are boxes and tissue paper still hiding in every room, the playroom looks like Santa threw up toys and there seems to be a laundry basket waiting to be put away in every time I turn around.  I am usually a very organized mom, in fact, I teeter on the edge of OCD but the house is in shambles and I do not know where to begin. 

This year, the husband and I decided to make the majority of our presents and it completely changes our Christmas experience.  We worked side by side; looking for ideas, manning hot glue guns and sanding and staining and at the end our gifts felt like more than most years because we had really put our hearts into these gifts.  However, after frenzied month’s of multiple projects going on,  there seems to be craft supplies lingering everywhere. 

So, the basement is barely passable, the toy room has way too many toddler toys and the closets are exploding.  I need a magic wand but it seems that everyone is sold out so instead I am sitting here refusing to look a laundry basket in the eyes as I figure out where to begin.

What are your suggestions, after the explosion of Christmas decorations, craft projects and multiplying toddler toys,  where do I begin the Home cleanse that is so very necessary?

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