Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jumping Into The Santa Lie With Both Feet As A Part Of Our New Christmas Traditions- Hot Topic Tuesday

This week Enyo, a fellow blogger at Motherhood Looms asked the question: “Is Santa Clause promoting Christmas imagination and magic or is it lying to your kids” as her Hot Topic Tuesday.  For me this is an interesting question because I have never believed in Santa, not even for a moment, but I desperately want Bean to Believe with her whole heart.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love everything from the Christmas Carols,  to the way strangers smile when you wish them a merry Christmas to spending time with family  to the cookies and cookie baking and cookie exchanges and of course the presents.  I love shopping for Christmas presents and this year I am making tons of presents and so I feel like a little Christmas elf.

I love Christmas.

 I want the Bean to love Christmas and I want her to have the Santa experience. Santa will be a part of our Christmas traditions. I want to stay up late on Christmas eve, putting out the presents.  I want to watch her come running down the stairs with stars in her eyes to see what Santa has left her.  I want to help her mail her letter to the North Pole and I want to hold Santa and the threat of a lump of coal over her head when faced with winter meltdowns.

Is it lying?  Well I suppose it depends on how you define lying, I mean certainly it is a bit dishonest,  certainly there is a withholding of the truth and certainly there will be a spinning of tales that I know to be untrue.

Fine.  Call it what you may, but Santa will still be a part of our Christmas holiday.  I want her to experience the magic of Christmas that you can only buy into when you are young.  I want her to have these beautifully naive beliefs before she discovers that the world can be a hard place.  I want her to surrounded by a protective magical innocence for as long as possible.

When she begins to suspect, we will go from there.  When she is old enough to ask the questions, I will figure out how to answer them.   However, from this year on we will welcome Santa with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk each Christmas eve.  They will be chocolate chip because that is my favorite and my hubby and I will eat them as our little Bean dreams of reindeer footsteps tappity tapping across the roof.

What Are Your thoughts? Is It a Lie or a part of the magic? Be sure to check out the Parenting Patch to see what they think.

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  1. It is magical if it feels magical. My daughter never did take to Santa so it was not magical for us, but I would not tell her that there are not any fairies :)


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