Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lazy Chef Strikes Again With Cake Batter Cookies

I love all things Christmas but with the holidays stampeding past at an alarming fashion,  I have been struggling to get it all done.  My husband and I had a day at home together and we really wanted to put on the holiday music, crack open a nice import and bake some Christmas cheer into our home.  However, with a toddler at your feet, it is impossible to give your kitchen your undivided attention.  Plus I am tired and lazy so insert easy breezy cookies that turned out so amazing I HAD to share!!  The results were perfect and giving into my inner lazy chef felt wonderfully indulgent.  Seriously,  I made 7 kinds of cookies and these were the easiest and my favorite (my husband’s second favorite).

Cake Batter Cookies
1 box of chocolate cake mix
½ c. butter
2 eggs
1C. semisweet chocolate chips
2T vegetable oil
1tsp vanilla

Oven at 350.  
Mix everything together, spoon onto greased cookie sheet  
Bake 8-10 minutes.  
VOILA done

  Now go sit down and enjoy some free time no one has to know you did not slave over cookies.  Indulge your inner lazy chef!

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