Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Job as a Crafting Christmas Elf...Too Busy To Blog, To Busy To Pee

We are elbow deep in Christmas preparations and I feel I am running full speed ahead, the problem is I feel like I am running in circles. I am crafting the majority of our Christmas presents this year so at present my fingers are covered in band aids, I have not seen my kitchen table in months and the guest room looks like a Seal team invaded Martha Stewart's compound looking for Al Qaeda, with tulle and ribbon and fabric...oof.

There are so many exciting projects going on and so many exciting things happening with the Bean's first memorable Christmas and I am dying to just sit down and write but that would mean both finding and empty chair and finding the time to sit. Yesterday, as I ran errands, I vaguely remembering needing a potty break and hitting four more stores before I finally made the time, which is nutty to say the least. Still, I promise I have blogs spinning in my head and so keep checking in for recipes and craft tutorials galore that I promise are heading your way.

What is happening with all of you, are your holidays flying by or are you making time to enjoy them. I am headed for the finish line and have hopes of sitting quietly, coffee in hand and just relishing in Happy Christmas Joy next week. For that to happen, I better finish my coffee and kick today into high gear. Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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