Friday, January 6, 2012

Becoming A More Organized Mom One Closet At A Time

I detest New Years Resolutions, probably because I know I will never last a year but this year I am determined that I will be a more organized mom in 2012.  Now, I have tried becoming a more organized mom in the past and it is not easy, at least not for me so I knew this goal would take a well laid out plan. My plan is to tackle one area each week.  

This week the plan was to tackle the entrance closet.  It was a disaster! So of course I finally got off my butt to get started Friday afternoon.  I knew full well that if the weekend came before I started I would never do it!This is what my closet looked like when I opened the door.  Now you can see why all the holiday guest coats had to be laid on beds!

The Coat closet was my first priority because I needed to clean the kitchen next.  You see every day there are at least two or three jackets hanging on chairs and my purse and diaper bag are on the table because there is no room in the inn. 

I started by emptying the closet and discovered that I am undoubtedly a hoarder. At this rate it is only a matter of time before A&E asks for an interview.  I found coats that have not been worn since college (which was a looooong time ago), that somehow escaped the donation bins in the many closet clean-ups past.  I knew I had to be ruthless!  I began tossing everything into a garage sale bag and I swear that what doesn’t sell does not come back into the house this time! I placed hats and mittens in a large bin and what didn’t fit didn’t make the cut. 

I hung scarves on hooks on the door and while it still looks very hoarder-ish, I assure you I got rid of twice as many as I kept.  I finally had room for the diaper bag and my purse on top of the closet. 

I removed a stack of board games since my husband refuses to play board games due to my ever so slight tendency to be over competitive and to show bad sportsmanship during all games that start with Scrabble or Boggle! Since they are never played they are no longer entitled to the prime real estate and were relocated to the basement. 
I cleaned out the shoes and replaced them with shoes I could slip on when running out (5”H espadrilles and gold crocodile stilettos are probably not in that category and were moved upstairs).   I even allowed space for one pair of my husbands shoes!  I realize that is a bit of an unbalance but the percentage is right if you think about how many shoes we each own.  Besides his shoes are size 15 (wink, wink, smirk) and they take up a lot of room!
This is what it looked like when I was done!

 I then tweaked the final product; 
  •  I added a few extra hangers so it could actually be used as a guest closet
  • I chose a matching pair of mittens for each coat and placed them in a coat pocket.   

I figure,  that if this is really about becoming a more organized mom,  that one less thing for me to do when I am trying to get out of the house with a toddler is a bonus.I don’t know how long I will keep it looking this way and just in case you are looking at it thinking it still looks overcrowded, I would like you to take a look at what came out and did not go back in! 

Seriously…I am three scarves and a deck of cards from being a certifiable hoarder.  However the closet is now clean and organized and so I am one week closer to being the organized mom I know I can be!

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