Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Toddler Activities Have Me Dreaming Of…SNOW?!?!

There is snow in the immediate forecast and for once rather than stocking up on coffee (and wine) and burying my head under the covers in denial,  I am actually hoping we get the larger of the predicted amount.  For once I am not thinking about how much I HATE the cold, I am thinking of the fun toddler activities that come with the snow.  

We had a fluke snow storm in October and well, we were more than a little unprepared.  Bean had no snow boots, she wore rain boots with a lot of socks.  The rain boots have that loop at the top which meant her snow pants (which were too big for her) did not fit over them.  The winter coat I had drooled over and finally splurged on did not fit over her snow pants (or any pants) and was such a narrow cut that when she tried to take a step the zipper split.   

Not to mention her hat (which is still my favorite hat despite its inability to handle snow and rain),  looked like a wet cat on her head.  Once again I chose fashion over practicality and learned my lesson, well a lesson.  I think it’s a given that I will never really learn that lesson.

Still even with the multiple wardrobe malfunctions, we finally layered on the sweatshirts, found a hat and mittens and watched as she ran up and down the sidewalk with her snow BALL.   

She loved it.   
She loved everything about it.   

Well everything except the snowman, I built.   

She took umbrage with that snowman and wanted nothing to do with him at all. So you see,  I want snow,  She has boots and mittens and a coat that actually both fits and allows her to move and so,  “Bring it on Old Man Winter”.  This is a new year and this year I am not even going to let snow bother me, unless it comes in March, no one likes snow in March.

I am crossing my fingers and preparing for a day of fun in the snow filled with fun toddler activities. I am stocked up on coffee and cookies and I do believe I may head out for a $5 sled saucer before the storm blows in.  Tomorrow is all about sledding and snow angels and snow balls, lots and lots of snow balls and if we wake to no snow…well, at least I stocked up on coffee.

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