Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Years Plan For A Lazy Mom…Making My Resolutions Vague And Easy To Follow

I hate New Year’s Resolutions, I don’t make them, I don’t follow them.  I roll my eyes dramatically when anyone talks about them.  However let’s be honest, there are a few areas of my life that could use “tweaking”.  I could be more organized, I could get off my lazy arse and get back in shape and well, since I set a record of being laid off from 3 jobs in 2011 I could take my thriftiness up a notch.
Sooo, since I don’t want to take on more than I can chew, I am making it easy on myself. I am making the grocery store the location of my thrifty healthy transformation.  Lately, I feel as if I have been at the grocery store EVERY DAY!  This means that I run into the store for a single $5 item that I need or forgot for that night and walk out with $30 worth of stuff that I “need”.  Or that I get home and try to make something that either goes horribly wrong or that I realize I am missing some crucial ingredient for and then in a fit of frustration I call for take-out!
So this weekend, I sat down and got organized.  Or rather I planned,  really planned my trip to the grocery store.
I started by writing down a few of our favorite healthy meals.  Then I considered what I already had on hand and I began planning menus.  I made a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even considered snacks.  I then went through the sales flyers and my coupons and headed to the store.
Two days later, I have not deferred to take-out pizza out of frustration.  In fact, the entire family has been eating really healthy this week.  I went into the store with my list and when I checked off each item, I actually circled the store twice, surprised at how quickly the shopping went, as if I was looking for more things to buy.  I spent about an hour sitting quietly and planning (in a Doctor’s office waiting room) and apparently that is all I need to get my head on straight.  So while I may skip the doctor’s office, I think I may just start off my week with a plan and if that requires an hour of caffeine fueled solitude, well isn’t that an added bonus!  I mean with that hour of solitude to look forward to this may just be the perfect New Years plan for this lazy mama!

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