Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting The New Year With Sick Toddler And A Bored Mama

I wish I could say that I was pushing right along with my New Years Non-Resolution Resolutions this year but on the first official day past vacation, I have skipped my morning workout, rescheduled the Bean’s first class at the Little Gym and I am still in my pajamas (which are officially sweatpants so I am giving myself a half point for getting dressed).  The problem is that the Bean has a cold, it is not awful, it just means I am wiping a runny nose every 3.2 minutes and that she is a bit whinier than normal.   I wish I could say I was handling this challenge like the new and improved super mom, I am planning on morphing into in 2012, but instead, I am bored and grumpy.
 I spent the morning, wasting time online from my smart phone while the Bean played with her toy kitchen and when she whined I grumpily slid onto the floor to play legos.  I am not being a very fun mom this morning.  I have approximately 2,000 craft ideas waiting to be started but they all seem to require one item that I do not have.  I have a basement crying out for organization and yet I have simply closed the door and left the room. 

I have spent the last few months moving at lightening speed to get Christmas projects completed and presents wrapped that now I am simply sitting still trying to find a starting place.  What I do know is that I need to give myself a hard kick in the arse because this lazy mom crap is only making me more annoyed so off I go to make a few lists and to sneak into a few homes to take pictures of the Christmas projects that I finished so last minute that I FORGOT to photograph for the coming tutorials.

Either way, don’t give up on me yet, this is not my first sick toddler experience and it is certainly not the first day I have battled my inner lazy mom.  I think the key may be just a bit more caffeine…and a cookie.  I mean if I am going to lose these last few pounds, someone has to get the remaining cookies out of the house!

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