Friday, January 6, 2012

Toddler Communication from Babbling to “Bubbies”

The Bean has her eighteen month appointment coming up next week and it has me thinking about her toddler development.  I was caught off guard at her twelve month appointment with many of the questions as I tried to think about all the things she was or was not doing.  I sat there feeling like I had slept through my child’s life as I shrugged my shoulders awkwardly when asked about her toddler communication and motor skills.  For the life of me I could not recall whether she staked blocks on top of each other or just threw them at me.

I had no idea how many words she was saying.  Since that appointment, I find myself cheering every the Bean mutters a new word and promise myself I will take the time to count those words one day soon.  

Today is the day! So where do I start?  Which words do I count?  Do I count the words I understand or only the words that a cashier in the grocery store would also understand? 

She smashes “butterfly” to “bly” but I get it and when she says it she is usually pointing at a butterfly and while she once pulled out the whole word, for the time being she just says “Bly”.  She is obsessed with the word “puppy” and says it at least a thousand times a day, she says it clearly and it is unmistakable.  She says “mommy and “daddy” and “tikky” which translates to kitty.  Then there are the words that need to be translated my her dad or me.  “Meh” which is used as she signs milk is "milk" and even if I don’t see the sign I recognize it but a stranger on the street would not.

The other day as I stood her up on the changing table, she poked my boobs and said “bubbies”.  She poked me again saying “bubbies” clear as day.  My jaw dropped, she had never just copied me like that, so of course the first time she did would be with the word “bubbies”.

 She continues to poke my boobs while naming this body part any chance she gets, yet I have been trying to get her to say her name for months and NOTHING.  Watching her learn to communicate is amazing and at times baffling.  I show her pictures of her Aunt and Uncle and while she can say their names more often than not she says the name of their puppy. (like I said she is obsessed with puppies).

It worries me that she is not putting two words together into beginning phrases.  It worries me that she is not saying some words more clearly but I know that kids develop at their own pace.   But she is eighteen months old and since this blog will be her baby book, here is where we are so far,  oh and she can stack some serious blocks!

Mommy                     Daddy                    Puppy                  No                            Bly (butterfly)
Meh (milk)                 Juice                       Tikky (kitty)         Hot Doe (hot dog)     Cookie
Block                         Hat                         Sock                   Head                         Nose
Mouf (Mouth)            Ears                        Eyes                    Chee (cheeks)           Belly
Fee (feet)                   Wa (water)             Tree                    Bir (Bird)                   Cow
Moo                          Tweet                     Woof                  Meow                        Hi-lo (Hello)
Moon                         Ball                        Side (outside)      Meg                           Seh (Seth)                     Lila (her bestie)          Mimi (grammy)       Melmo (elmo)      Baby                          Me
Peas (Please)             Hurrr (Hurt)            Boo Boo             Bunny                        Bubbies

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  1. Sound like she has great communication skills. Here are the milestones for 2 year olds... she is well on her way :)


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