Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tulle Wreath Tutorial

Ok so like most of the projects that spark the interest of this crafty mom, the inspiration for the tulle wreath began with this find during some late night, lazy Pinterest time
Wreath - Handmade ivory tulle and rhinestones with feather accent. Pinned for Meredith!

I was in love at first sight.  The problem was, that I wanted to incorporate a yarn wrapped letter that I had already invested well over an hour (and countless curse words) into.  Wrapping a wooden “F” with yarn was not as easy as it looked and after box of glue dots, and a bottle of wine, I was determined to include it. 

The second problem was that every green tube wreath form was sold out so I ended up using this.

I wrapped my tulle roll around a book (height wise) and then cut across the layers at the top of the book so that all my pieces of tulle were the same length.  I then folded the tulle in half, wrapped it around the wreath and pull the two ends through the loop.  (repeat about a thousand times until the entire wreath form is covered).

***I know I should have taken WAY more pictures of the process and I plan on making another so I will try to update this with more photos but well it was a hectic month of crafting!

Once the wreath was covered in tulle, I flipped the letter upside down and cut (4) 24” long pieces of yarn.  I folded them in half and staple gunned the center fold to the back of the letter in a variety of places (think top, bottom, sides).  

I then flipped the wreath, so that the front of the wreath was centered over the letter and faced down on the table. I took the loose ends of yarn and pulled them through the center ring of the wreath and tied them tight, trimming the ends.  On a few, I tied the end, pulled it back to another location on the letter and then back to the wreath form.  Essentially I pulled it tight enough to support the letter in the center of the wreath.

Once I flipped it over, I felt like it needed a bit more.  I was in love with the flower on the inspiration wreath above so when I found a deep purple flower  at the craft store,  I bought it took all the plastic off and actually ended up making three craft flowers with the layers (and a bit of added tulle).  I then glued a flower to the wreath and VOILA. 

I did not add a hanger since the three rings of the wreath form actually make it easy to hang on a nail, even after they have been covered in tulle.  All in all, wrapping the letter with yarn was the most difficult part and even that was done with my feet on the ottoman, while I caught up on Real Housewives of Everywhere which makes this a perfect craft for a lazy crafter! 

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