Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Kid Friendly Backyard Turns Me Into A Liar, AGAIN

It seems that parenthood has turned me into an uncontrollable liar.  Everything I ever declared to be, everything I have ever taken a stance on, I find myself backpedalling with a shameful shake of the head.  My babies will never eat fast food (Bean will actually do tricks for French fries).  I will not have toys all over the house, I will keep them neatly contained to one area (choking laugh).  I do not need a kid friendly back yard when I live less than 200 steps from 2 full size playgrounds.

I swore that the backyard would forever be my grown up oasis.  It would be filled with summer nights sipping margaritas in the light of tiki torches and not cluttered with those suburban toddler playgrounds that you see in so many backyards.  Then last year, with the Bean barely nine months old the first toddler house and sliding board snuck in and as the Bean ran in and out shrieking with glee, I shrugged with acceptance.   

After all, now I had a kid friendly back yard and since I still had my tiki torches, it was a compromise that made me smile. 

Recently, we were offered one of those large wooden toddler playgrounds and while my initial reaction was NO WAY.   

Then it happened, I imagined her swinging in the backyard, while I watched her from the kitchen window.  I began dreaming of planting little flowers with her in a flowerbox hanging off of the clubhouse window and then I imagined sipping my margarita from the deck as she played on this monstrosity of a toddler playground happily.  It is huge and it needs a bit of work and it will be a BEEOTCH to move but at the moment there is a hundred foot extension cord outlining its new home in our tiny yard.  And hopefully by the time the tulips begin pushing up, I will be sipping a cold beverage from the deck enjoying our new kid friendly backyard almost as much as my little Bean. 
After all, if her little toddler house  can make her smile like this;

Well,  I can only imagine her reaction to our kid friendly backyard makeover!

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  1. Oh, I have to laugh! My kids have made me a liar so many times! But, it will be worth it. :-) Besides, you can always enjoy the margaritas while enjoying the view of the playhouse and swing set. ;-)


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