Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life After A Baby Leads To A Very Long DIY Bathroom Renovation

I have learned a valuable lesson over the last month about life after a baby and the practicality of renovations.  I am extremely blessed to have a very handy husband.  We have handled many renovation projects in the past but last month we decided to take on the bathroom.  We thought we would have it done in a weekend and four weeks later we are finally finished after realizing that the days of opening a few beers and working until 3 in the morning are long behind us. Life after a baby means we are sinking into the sofa not long after the bean settles down far to tired to even consider painting till midnight.
Inevitably, when Bean went down for a nap or to bed at night in the room across from the bathroom progress slowed to a crawl and well let’s face it there is just not enough time in those few precious hours between my husband getting home and Bean going to bed to accomplish anything during the week.  

So,  we began here with a marble tub surround that was cracking and as we suspected letting water through and letting mold grow!

So the Team was assembled and babysitter was aquired and my husband and our friend went to work.  After an hour or so we ended up down to the studs

 Then it was time to put it back together because life after a baby means that going without a working tub or shower is simply not an option.

 The next day,  a new tub surround went in and the drywall went up,  it is not an Interior Designers dream but it is clean,  will not allow mold to grow behind it and will stand up to bath toys and crayons.
 The next step was priming it and adding the shower curtain and new curved rod (which frankly is the most amazing invention since velcro,  it adds the illusion of way more space when you are showering)!  Why did we put the shower rod and curtain up before finishing the walls? Well, it was Sunday and showers (OK, baths) were way overdue).
 This is where monday came around and our progress slowed to almost nothing until the following weekend.  The next step was the walls,  I decided to lighten up the bathroom.  I needed a change and all I wanted was the feeling of light and bright and clean.  I fell in love with the idea of adding a wainscot after seeing a few gorgeous examples on Pinterest.

I did not want to move the toilet and sinks to install and then I found out about a bead board wall paper. I heard amazing reviews and with that decision made.  *There are many levels of quality and the few extra bucks spent for the better quality paper are worth EVERY penny!  A week later, the paint went up (on the upper half of the room),  and the wallpaper started going up on the lower half. 

 The wallpaper is paintable and I planned to paint it all along to match the chair rail which is a good thing since the darker paint on the wall totally showed through!

A few years ago,  I dripped hair dye on the face of the cabinet door and it has never come off so I decided t to take the wall paper one step further and added it to the face of the doors.

The amazing thing about this wallpaper is that even where my lazy seams were not perfect, I simply ran caulk along the seam and it virtually disappeared. 


WARNING: the one lesson I did learn (and it was painful) is that not all caulk is paintable!  I had never caulked before so I just used the same stuff we used around the tub.  It dried clear and when I tried to paint over it the paint just bubbled and ran off. So I had to recaulk with paintable caulk which took FOREVER because it went something like this. 

Day 1-Recaulk everywhere I thought I had caulked
Day 2- start painting and find about a dozen places where I had gotten caulk but not recaulked
Day 3- recaulked those places
Day 4-start painting and find about a dozen MORE places where I had gotten caulk but not recaulked
Day 5-recaulked those places
Day 6-start painting and find about a dozen MORE places where I had gotten caulk but not recaulked,  said  F-it and painted everything so I would finally know where all the places were
Day 7- recaulked any remaining spots
Day 8 - finished painting
Like I said it was a PAINFUL lesson and involved an lot of cursing and being consoled by a large bottle of Pinot and since life after baby means painting and caulking during nap times and after bedtime...well like I said,  painful!

 After what felt like a year we ended up here

 Ps. Boon Frog...Best tub toy holder EVER!

We were almost there!  The one thing left was to add storage above the toilet,  we once had a metal shelf and towel bar that I hated so I drew up plans and made my husband build in storage.  I planned to show you every step but by the time we got here.  I was so tired of this project and it was not until we were finished that I realized I forgot to take pictures of the process. 

 Anyway,  over a month later we are done, the pictures are up and I have realized that Life after a Baby adds a bit of challenge to DIY  Bathroom Renovations! NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. My husband and I scramble to finish our home repairs prior to the birth of our first baby. I am SO glad we did!


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