Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crafty Mom Dumpster Dives…Again

I am beginning to fear that the neighbors are actually going to start locking their garbage cans when they see me slow down as I walk by but once again, I have scored with a dumpster dive.  Technically I suppose calling it a dumpster dive makes it sound a bit more extreme than it was.  While I am a thrifty and crafty mom, I have not quite resorted to crawling into dumpsters.  However when I saw this little art desk sitting out for the trash, I knew it had to be mine.  

Since I was in the car with my husband, I asked him to stop and he looked at me like I was crazy and kept driving.  I then dropped him off at home, put Bean down for a nap and when he got into the shower I leaped into the car and drove around the block and hauled it home (much to his chagrin since I stored it in his garage for months before touching it). 

This week, with spring around the corner, I decided to finish the awaiting indoor projects that I know will not get done once the weather warms.

First things first… cleaning this desk.    It was filthy but with Clorox wipes and goo gone, I got it pretty clean.  At least I thought I did, when I took it apart(which is a MUST in a rehab project) to paint it I realized that it was still rather disgusting and headed back for more cleaning supplies. 

Finally with the pieces apart, clean and drying in the sun I headed out for Plastic spray paint.  I decided to go a classic white and navy and sprayed each piece.  When it had dried I reassembled it and sprayed it with a final protective semi-gloss lacquer so it could be washed (because I knew Bean was going to beeline for it  with a crayon or marker in under 30 seconds).

Well, it is now inside and the drawer is filled with crayons that before spilled out everywhere.  And I am in love with the rehabbed desk and so excited for the years of toddler activities I envision happening right here!

 The bean is happy as a clam.   

Now all I need is a chair…luckily tomorrow is trash day!


  1. Beautiful turn out!
    I scored a chair just a few days ago - and an old sand/water table that I gave to a friend of mine. Nothing like swapping the trash you find!

    1. It really is true that "one mans trash is another man's treasure". I am prepping for a garage sale now to unload our basement clutter and am certain I will be hitting the garage sales with any loot I make in search of more "trash"!!

  2. Love the desk! Now to find one similar for AR!


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