Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chemo Cycle 2...Attacking the Cancer Bucket List

I am 6 hours from being unplugged from my very sexy chemo fanny pack.  I will say that I have been very lucky so far.  I am tired, but even that seems to rather tolerable. I have not had to deal with any of the Neuropathy side effects, which apparently leave you super sensitive to the cold and unable to drink cold beverages.  Granted, as the toxicity levels build with each cycle, I realize the side effects become more prevalent but for now, with summer winding down slowly,  I am still able to enjoy an iced Arnold Palmer from WAWA as well as indulge in a frozen margarita on my off week which has me overjoyed.

The strange thing is that this past Sunday, I began to look forward to my Monday chemo session and not in a “I am going to kick cancers ass” kind of way.  I began to look forward to my Chemo Mondays as a chance to get the things done that I always want to but never have time to do.  New running playlists on ITunes…done, Photos pulled from my phone to a hard drive, edited and indexed…well almost done. 

You see, as I rock in my recliner every other Monday, I am not feeling bad or even all that tired. (that comes later)  This week I did not get much crossed off my list because I remotely logged into work and did a crap-ton (what? that’s an actual unit of measurement) of work, which means that I was able to actually bill that time to work!  And anytime, I do not have to use vacation for anything other than vacation is a win-win for me! True, I did not get as many photos logged or edited and I did not even open our digital scrap book but I did get quite a bit accomplished.

I actually felt bad for my husband as he sat beside me watching Netflix on his own.  You see I have discovered that I am not a ‘rock in the recliner and make small talk for 6 hours’ kind of chemo patient and I have also discovered that if I take my head phones out for even a minute that there is a volunteer that is dying to chat me up.  I hate chatting with strangers, so instead I stay plugged in and slowly check off my to-do list.  I couldn’t sit still before cancer and that has certainly not changed now. 

As corny as it sounds,  unless you know me and realize that this is of course how my type A personality would handle any time in which I am sent to sit quietly in a chair for 6 hours,  I really do look forward to recliner time.  Do I look forward to the 4 day chemo hangover that follows?  Not So Much. 

 I have a whole chemo bucket list filled with things I want to get done on that trusty laptop of mine. The dreams of complete organization followed shortly by what I can only assume will feel like world domination has refueled me slightly and anything that can have me looking forward to chemo Mondays before the weekend has even come to a close,  well that’s just one more reason to smile.

Chemo Bucket List

2014 Family Yearbook
Logan's Annual Birthday Christmas Poetry book (that did not get done this year)
Update Beans Baby book (start at 3mo,  where you left off)
Add music that came out after 2001 to running playlists
Add music that came out after 2001 to all playlists ( You cannot nap to Fiona Apple and Mazzy star for the rest of your life)
Create Christmas card / Order and ADDRESS those damn things so they go out on time!
Organize photo librarys on Hard drive (get rid of fuzzy, crappy photos)
Find 2015 Vacation Home-pre-book
Organize Recipe Book ( pitch all recipes with more than 20 know better than to try that)

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