Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dear Mom, Your Fired…(the end of my DIY Halloween Costume Reign)

I am crafty and not in the Beastie Boys “She’s crafty” kind of way (O.K. maybe a little in that way) but in a “give me a glue gun or give me death” kind of way.  I did not have Halloween as a kid, in fact I didn’t trick or treat for the first time until that very fun night in my freshman dorm, of which, I will not say another word. 

As an adult, I LUV Halloween, I love carving pumpkins and dressing up and my personal mecca the last few years have been the creation of Beans Halloween costumes.  A friend of mine mentioned her disappointment this year because her son wanted to be a pumpkin and she wanted to get crafty and I told her that this was a time to get crafty (more Beastie Boys style).

 You see, last year I picked Beans Halloween Costume and then spent weeks “helping” her come up with the idea on her own. This year, with the Frozen obsession settled in for the long haul, she has decided to be Elsa. I have worked my manipulation skillz to the bone, all to no avail. I could offer to let her ride through the neighborhood on a miniature pony, covered in M&M’s and if she was not Elsa, it would be no deal.

I have been fired.

I am not taking it well.  I am stewing.  My glue gun is lying lonely in the basement (probably under a pile of laundry) and I have nothing to do.  Normally at this time, I have my nose so far into pinterest that my hubby has to shake me every few hours to remind me to breathe.  This year, I looked, I poured over Elsa accouterments looking for a project on Etsy and Pinterest and Alas, NOTHING.  Thanks to the generosity of our family at her birthday, she has the dress, the shoes, the crown…there is nothing left for me to make.

I tried asking her if she wanted to be Elsa one day and something else another day (and yes, if I would have convinced her I would have taken her out more than one night) 


I knew one day my daughter would tire of my input and fire me, I just thought we would be rounding the corner towards middle school.  I had no idea that at the ripe old age of 4, my precious little Bean would decide that my crafting skills were as obsolete as Hubbys' Walkman that sits in the basement and somehow always escapes the garage sale pile.

So here I sit, paging through the photos of years past, recalling the triumph when I finished her

 The mushy love fest in my heart when I watched her gallop house to house in her

 The giddy glee as she ran house to house collecting gasps over her cuteness in her 

DIY Lion Tamer Costume.
(of which I will add a blog about one of these days)

This year, she will be Elsa.  She will walk down the street with a thousand other Elsa’a and I will pout…unless she rides…if she rides down the street on a miniature pony covered in M&M’s (What? Elsa had a horse!!). Now that would be a scene… 

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