Monday, September 1, 2014

Turning Trash Into A Ballet Room Makeover

Last Thanksgiving as we were leaving a family dinner, I gasped and squealed “Stop the car”!! I apparently squealed so emphatically, that my husband was sure there was a medical emergency.   The emergency was that we had just passed a house with the most AH-MAZE-BALLS mirror sitting out with the trash.

I am not shy about dumpster diving, (Here is another Dumpster Diving Transformation) my husband, on the other hand would be hard pressed to name something he likes less than the idea of touching or removing anything from the trash,  especially when he knows it is probably going to end up taking up valuable real estate in his garage.

Begrudgingly, he got out of the car and put the mirror in the back of the car.  I grinned the whole way home as I dreamed of what I could do with it, he pouted.

10 months later, it sat untouched in his garage. 

I had come across photos of ballet bars in little girls rooms and so I know what I was going to do, I simply had not found made the time to get it started.

This weekend,  being Labor day and a weekend before chemo,  has been a grab life by the balls kind of weekend.  We spent an absolutely glorious day on a friends boat, had a dance party with 3 amazing little girls (and some of my favorite grown-ups) and I spent a day eating my 
way through the city with my sister.  

The only thing left was to get this project done.
First step, tape and paint the fake gold frame a glossy bright white. 

 Honestly,  as soon as I saw it white I wanted to keep it for myself but I had already spilled the beans to my little Bean and when you tell a 4 year old that she is getting a ballet bar and mirror,  there are no take backs!

Next step was grabbing a 1.5” wood dowel and 2 banister brackets.

My wonderful hubby hung the mirror for me today and we mounted the dowel and brackets and Presto, it’s a 4 year olds' ballet dreams come true.

This was honestly one of the easiest trash transformations that I have ever taken on and when I say that I Love what it did to her room, I mean I LUV it. PS. Here is the Circus Tent Ceiling DIY

There are a few hours left of this amazing weekend and then it’s a chemo week but I think I have created enough memories to look back on with a smile during the sleepy chemo haze.  In fact,  it has been one hell of a weekend,  the  only thing missing is a frozen Snickers ice cream bar and well, I am fairly certain that will be addressed in the next 10 minutes. 

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