Monday, October 20, 2014

Chemo Monday 6 of 12…Its Cancer Hump Day, Y'all!!

Today was chemo Monday 6 out of 12, it is Hummp Daayy (I wish I could write that  in a way that made it sound like a cheesy radio DJ yelling it out right before playing En Vogue “Free Your Mind”).

~ Hee Hee, I just saw you hum it and do a quick head bob ~

Anyway,  I am officially looking down hill at the finish line and while I will not cross that line till mid-January,  it feels really,  REALLY good to be at the half yard line running for the end zone.

My last chemo treatment kicked my butt hard and for almost 2 weeks, I felt really crummy.  I felt like I was locked in a room without my phone and only a tube TV that played only womens’ golf (if no one screams ‘Baba Booey’ from the crowd, I am not interested) or previews of Annabelle (seriously what is wrong with people…THIS is why we have a strict NO doll policy in our house) I was sad and pouty and angry, really freakin angry.

I refused to drink water (because it tasted like mud) and since water rules the world,  this made me feel even worse,  continuing the cycle of SUCK until I left for vacation and my side effects began to drop off.  
Cue: Instant mood lift.  

Seriously,  Oncologists around the world should prescribe (and trick insurance into paying for) vacation mid-way through treatment because escaping reality for a bit and feeling like a normal human being again does AMAZING things for your head and lately I have felt like the hardest part of the cancer treatment  for me has been in my head.

So today being a new day and all (and my official cancer Hump Day), I have decided to make Cancer my BEEZNATCH for the day.  That’s right cancer, you are mine!

So, instead of following my 6 hours of chemo with an 18 hour nap,  I napped and shopped online DURING chemo and once I was hooked up to my sexy fanny pack (Seriously…I need to borrow a bedazzler, anyone,  anyone? Ferris?)  I headed to Costco, where I may or may not have accosted a senior citizen for a sample of Hawaiian chicken as I shopped.  

Then I went home and I MADE DINNER!! Well, I popped the dinner in the oven that Costco so lovingly prepared for me, but that counts damnit, that counts!!!

While my dinner cooked, I sat down to a saltine and cheese cracker buffet and I drank water (that I mixed with Iced tea mix to keep it from tasting like a mudshake) I would like to say this is how I eat on cancer weeks but technically if given my choice, I can easily make saltines, cheese and pinot grigio a meal any day of the week…or Frosted Flakes, Frosted Flakes may be my second favorite meal. After my top three meals, I promise my palate diversifies.

My husband and baby girl should be walking through the door any minute now and while I would love to say that I will be awake long enough to watch last nights’ Walking Dead' episode,  I feel a nap happening any minute now but as far as Chemo Monday’s go,  this has been a good day…it can only get better from here!

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