Monday, October 27, 2014


My baby sister begins radiation today. (Please stop for a moment and whisper a prayer, do a good juju booty pop, hand out a couple karma-filled locker room ass pats (this last one is not necessarily encouraged in an office environment).  Whatever it is you do to talk to the Universe, I would so appreciate and extra second or two for my baby sister.
Just 2 sisters,  with cancer, still smiling....SUCK IT Cancer!!!
My baby sister begins radiation today. I am not going with her, I am going to be sitting at my desk playing catch-up from last weeks chemo debacle.  Chemo Debacle = chemo week filled with less fun, food and hydration than normal and an all-around pain in my ass.
My baby sister begins radiation this week and she is scared. She will never admit it.  She has an absolutely flawless brave face and a stash of A-grade cancer and radiation jokes to chase away tears at a moments’ notice, but she is scared.
My baby sister begins radiation this week and I am scared.  She is my baby sister. Cancer is one giant ride on the merry-go-round from hell at the corner of Suck Fest & F*#@  FUDGE!!!!!! She was not supposed to ride this ride, she was not supposed to even be at the carnival, but she has been following me around and sneaking into places she should not be for as long as I can remember.  The majority of these experiences resulted in stories we will never tire of telling. Today, she is starting radiation. She is on her way out of the carnival but the exit is on the other side of the fun house and this one is a doozy.
My baby sister starts radiation today and yesterday we spent the day talking about the amazing outpouring of generosity and love that has covered us each like a blanket since the day we uttered the word cancer aloud.  We talked about how overwhelming and humbling it is to let yourself be saved over and over on an almost daily basis,  by these individual moments of amazing generosity and love that continue to rain down upon us.
This Town. Our Family. Our Family of Friends. This Amazing Flipping Town.  You are all saving us.  Your love and your generosity and your hugs (which we clearly banned and you insist on handing out anyway)…it is what is saving us.  It is what makes us get up in the morning, makes us slap on our brave face and go about our day. 
So today, if you have a little extra juju,  and extra second of prayer or feel like handing out karma filled ass pats,  please do so because my baby sister starts radiation today and I am scared. 

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