Friday, August 21, 2015

For the last 5 years, on the last morning of this vacation, I scoop my sleeping girl into my arms and carry her to the top of the dunes at daybreak. 

We snuggle in my grandmothers quilt and we watch the sunrise together as we say our goodbyes to the beach. 

It is a tradition that I hope to share well into her adulthood. 

Last year, I had just completed my 6th of 12 chemo cycles and I cried silent tears behind her head. They were tears of frustration and exhaustion and fear. 

This year, I cried again but this year they were tears of joy as I imagined a lifetime of vacation sunrises with her snuggled in my arms while I slowly breathed her in. 

Thank you A Week Away for giving us a week to breathe and be grateful for making it to the other side.

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