Thursday, September 1, 2016

Shaking up the design for the new House

This summer, as we shop for a new house I find myself redesigning and redecorating almost every home that peaks my interest on the Internet. By the time,  we make it to the house for the showing,  I have laid out our furniture, picked paint colors,  replaced the counter top and selected the new sofa,  that the dog will definitely NOT be allowed to jump on...for the first month!

The funny thing is that somewhere in this crazy process. My entire personal design aesthetic has gone through a rather drastic change. I work with color and pattern and texture all day every day and so my house is neutral. When I tell my family I'm repainting, they laugh because they know that a wall might be going from beige to greige.  I cannot help myself,  I love color but at home I have always wanted neutral because it is calm and TIMELESS. 

I see so many new colors and patterns on a regular basis that I know I will fall out of love with them just as fast as I fell in love with them, so generally they have no place in my home unless they are an accent pillow.  Admittedly, I have a severe accent pillow problem.

Lately,  these possible houses that we have seen and that I have tried to imagine as our future home have been re-imagined with big bold bright patterns and Vibrant pops of color.
 Where I once dreamed of falling asleep in a room like this;

I now find myself thinking of a room like this

I always imagined Bean's room filled with white and soft pink 

now I imagine pops of color and big pattern

Perhaps,  it is because I am just ready for change,  the last couple years have changed me in many ways and they have made me want what I want and where a few years ago I would have looked at a bright wall covering that I loved and said no because I knew the love would not last,  now,  I find myself saying..."hell,   you only live once,  if you want an emerald green and pink wall paper with life size it!!
 My "future house" pinterest board is so confused and has no idea what to suggest and how could it with changes like this?

I have the feeling that this new house is going to end up feeling very, very different from the last!

If you love the pictures,  click on the links and be transported back to the world of pinterest to see where they came from! 

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