Cancer Sucks

In June of 2014,  I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Colon Cancer. So now I am adding full time cancer patient to  my already cramped resume of  full time mom,  wife and Interior Designer and well,  since I was barely finding time to brush my teeth and get to the grocery store before...this is going to make things very interesting. However,  I am not alone.  This cancer thing is voracious and there are women like me and moms like me dealing with cancer and their daily lives all over the world, so this is just about how this mom is going to handle it all.

Disclaimer: I handle stress and grief with an irreverent use of sarcasm and occasionally curse like a sailor. Please pardon the occasional F-Bomb,  but I have cancer and it Sucks.

I have Cancer


My Sister has Cancer

Chemo Cycle 2...Attacking the Cancer Bucket List

Chemo Cycle 2; Blood Clots and Stomach Shots

Dear American Cancer Society, Man Up and Grow a Sac!

Dear Chemo,  I kinda already have plans this weekend

Chemo Round 4,  Is it Time To Break Out The Maternity Pants

Celebrating 10 Years With A Nap,  Chemo, You Suck

No Evidence Of Disease

Losing My Hair,  Cancer's Final B**** Slap

Surviving the Chop With a Smile

Taking at Walk at the Lancaster Relay For Life

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