I Can Cook(ish)

I want to state that for the record,  I am not a cook.  In fact,  for the first three years of my marriage,  Kraft Mac & Cheese was the extent of my skills.  My husband however is amazing and hardly even lifted an eyebrow when I once...ok  twice,  served him Dorito pizza for dinner. You are picturing it right, (yup just smushed doritoes with cheese melted over them).  However since the Bean arrived,  I am determined that she will have better eating habits than I do.  So I am trying...I do not always succeed and I will never turn my back on Doritoes but I am trying to instill a healthy attitude towards food for the whole family.

Healthy Weeknight Meals
Zuccini Corn Fritters

Cookies for the Lazy Chef (what? I never said all the recipes were healthy)
Cake Batter Cookies

Side Dishes For the Lazy Chef
Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese (with an even easier "cheat")

Delicious Main Dishes
A Quiche that makes any Meal Perfection

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